Our Business

Fishing Reps are manufacturer’s representatives responsible for establishing and maintaining wholesale accounts. Fishingreps.com is the best ordering system in the fishing industry connecting stores, brands, retail customers and marketing staff.

Store Owner Testimonials

We work directly with tackle stores around the USA. This is what store owner’s have to say about our services.

“We’ve been ordering our most popular brands through fishingreps.com. It’s lightning fast and the ordering system is competitive with large wholesale ordering companies.”

Dean Momi

LA Fishing Alliance

“These guys understand the future of wholesale business by using e-commerce ordering. Their social media marketing campaigns move the products in our inventory that they represent.”

Jack Kaneoka

Fisherman’s Access

“Our store moves a lot of product throughout the year. We need companies and their representatives to keep up with our business. Fishing Reps keeps us inventoried and increases demand.”

Chad Curtis

Tackle Express