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by Kevin Nakada
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Our website is the best wholesale ordering system in the outdoors industry. Establishing an account with the brands we represent is accomplished in one application submission. We believe in the products represented by Fishing_Reps and use the product in our fishing lives. We facilitate sales and promotion for store fronts with fast growing brands.

What We Do For Brands?What We Do For Stores?
Increase wholesale orders
Post social media content
Support with promotional staff
Product development
E-Commerce B2B ordering
Account authorization
Create social media awareness
Product education
and much more.

Warbaits, Kicker Fishing, Submission Fishing Co., Taipan Rods, Lateral Vision, Surface Sunscreen, Joe Baggs Outdoors, and Bates Fishing Co. are the current product offerings we directly manage. We want your financial gain to be as straight forward as possible. Our service comes standard with weekly phone calls, honest sales discussions, event support and social media marketing.

Every product line brought into a store receives the authentic marketing treatment we proudly generate. From bait drop posts to product education, we leverage the power of social media to boost interest in your inventory. Anglers viewing our content receive valuable information that (when applied properly) will catch more fish. Our dedication to this service is what sets the Fishing_Reps apart. We are encouraged to grow this at a rapid rate with help from our great angling community. Shout out to all of you supporters!

Kevin Nakada, Founder and CEO

Current Goals

There is no hesitation is disclosing our first round of goals to our supporters and followers. Our business is built on a solid foundation of trust and communicative service.

Increase our retail store front network by providing education incentives and invested customer base.
Support great communication during the order-fulfillment period.
Generate interest in anglers under 30 years old.
Create opportunity for likeminded anglers to become a Fishing_Rep.

Without the retail store front our business would be a digital marketing service. Our business strives to increase the amount of anglers supporting the stores that support fishing for future generations. We want to remind anglers that stores provide more than an inventory of product; they provide an inventory of knowledge. Grab some the products we represent, grab some knowledge and have fun!

We make a lot of phone calls! Emails are okay, however the personal touch of a voice call is great for increasing relationships and trust. This is especially important during the ordering process. Naturally fulfillment places pressure on the wholesaler to deliver in a timely manner. We do our best to support the discussion on timing in a realistic window and build a better expectation. Let’s all grow each other and make better decisions for a better future.

Fishing is cool! We post on social media without hesitation to associate with younger anglers under 30 years old. No doubt the next generation values the importance of displaying their interests on social media platforms which is where we are establishing ourselves. The fishing industry is better off with more young anglers taking the baton pass from the established market. Young anglers are making our sport fun and entertaining with their own added talents.

This company cannot grow without like minded fishing crazy people. We want the most enthusiastic and respected anglers to provide Fishing_Reps knowledge. This is the most valued commodity that is always in rare supply. Every product can be the same, but not every angler will fish it the same. We want to start with one excellent brand ambassador that is young and eager to learn. Eventually we will see you grow in the industry and succeed. We want to foster that future.

We fish, what we rep.

Your Support

The Fishing_Reps value the support of retail store owners and staff as well as the retail customer. Each angler investing their money in brands we support are directly supporting our business. If you feel our efforts are providing a better experience on the water then please share that input with others. Also please share your experience with the store that you do business with.

Another way to show you support for our company is to recognize our efforts on social media. We want our follower base to be a direct reflection of the service we provide. The more followers the stronger our brand will become which shows the world we are doing a great job. Give us a like, a comment and a follow.

Thank you for visiting the Fishing_Reps website! Your time spent on our online outlet is greatly appreciated and we would like your continued loyalty in future visits.

Fishing_Reps Marketing Staff, Nate Stilinovich