Seaborn Outfitters Brakwater Fly Reel

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Seaborn Brakwater Fly Reel

Model ↓Line Capacity ↓Sizes↓Max Drag ↓Price ↓
Brakwater7/9, 9/11 wt$249.99
Retail Prices in U.S. Dollar


Every rod demands a reel that is just as reliable, a reel that already has its boots on when the spotlight hits. As saltwater anglers, we know at some point you’ll get to see that backing you worked so hard to spool make an exit. In that moment, you need a reel you don’t have to worry about. When runs are long and the tug is on, let us take over. Our Breakwater Series of fly reels features a fully machined aluminum frame and our over-engineered,100% sealed carbon disc drag system perfectly suited to fight harsh saltwater elements and hard pulling fish. Make the Breakwater Series the first thing on your rod and the last thing on your mind when big fish start haulin’.

Each reel is individually anodized for a sleek finish that’s ready to fight corrosion. Featured is our anodized raw aluminum that you’ll find in our current lineup of reels.