Importance of Fishing Tournaments

Why do we invest time, energy and money into fishing a tournament?

Aside from getting joy out of fishing and having a great excuse to do so, we pride ourselves in competing against fellow anglers using the very products our retailers have in inventory. The very nature of selling a product rouses confidence in the salesmen when they know their product pitch has proven value. There is no better proving ground for any fishing product/brand than fishing in tournaments.

Currently, Fishing_Reps – Kevin Nakada is fishing a well attended year long tournament series, the Spotty Bowl. The tournament currently has 80 participants with 4 divisions made up of single anglers in kayaks or vessels and a shore fishing division. The competition varies from ‘Masters’ to ‘Amateur’ skill level anglers including fishing industry members. The tournament specifically targets spotted sand bass which is the most fished for species in Southern California.
Check out the details of the tournament: Spotty Bowl 2022

With the volume of new anglers coming into our sport, we saw the opportunity to prove ourselves and the products we represent by fishing in the series. We would like to have people who see our brands gain more confidence knowing they are fishing products that put anglers at the top of tournament leaderboards. In fishing, success comes from having confidence in yourself and being able to fish with your best abilities. Changing a lure is a choice an angler must make when their confidence level reaches a low, and a change renews their confidence

Sticking with a particular technique that you know catches fish is the best strategy by far. There are many times that the fish will simply not cooperate, but changing lures may not lead to more success. If you continue to make the casts needed to make the correct presentation, eventually you will get the bite. Taking the line out of the water should be an anglers last resort.

Kevin’s current strategy uses the combination of the products we represent.

Areas with eel grass – Warbaits 1/2 oz Neck Breaker + Kicker Fishing Picklekick PK5 Baby Bass or Goldslinger
Pitching to Docks – Submission Fishing Co. Sumo 20g in any color

Every angler is fully capable of testing their skills and eventually becoming more consistent. The Fishing_Reps encourage all interested customers to speak with their local retailer to develop better strategies for their own fishing style. The store staff members are a wealth of knowledge and can lead you to product ideas that may be underutilized to gain the extra edge. Certainly all stores are discussing with us how these products are giving us the edge in the Spotty Bowl.

Let us know if you are having success using the products we mentioned in this blog. Of course we respect your tournament secrets and hope you keep your edge as the season progresses. Tag us in your posts if you find our information valuable, @fishing_reps on Instagram.

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