@Lane.Kilian Joins Fishing_Reps

“Leaders are like gardeners … As leaders we are not only responsible for harvesting our own success but for cultivating the success of the next generation.”

~ Susan Collins, US Senator Maine

Fishing_Reps is excited to announce a new addition to the team, Lane Kilian. Lane brings with him in-depth local knowledge for all Southern California species of fish. His passion for fishing is encompassing of ambassadors for all the products we sell and serve to our customer base. We are establishing his role as a Marketing Staff Member, which he will have a pivotal role in for our content creation and digital marketing. I can’t say enough for his fishing talents and we are excited to see him continue strengthening his own fishing skills for years to come.

Lane is fishing regularly catching everything from spotted bay bass to bluefin tuna. We expect to see great posts when it comes to promoting Warbaits, Kicker, Submission Fishing Co. and Bixpy products. He’s well accustomed with all the products offered by these companies and currently has been using them in his own day to day fishing.

Our history goes beyond the recent tournament fishing we participated in together. Lane and I met at a Fred Hall Show during a product giveaway event, Show Up and Blow Up, he and his friend participated in. They won a Hobie i11s! Recently we reconnected during competition hours and I saw the fire in his eyes. At 23 years old in 2022, his young age supplements the ambition to do more for the community and for the next generation. The likelihood that he will end up out fishing me at some point is likely. It is encouraging to be in a position in time where someone with so much talent and ambition wants to grow with the Fishing_Reps brand.

He is our first addition to the marketing staff that will eventually grow with other great anglers in our territory. We are anticipating more content creation and developing digital assets with his fishing and photography skills. For the Fishing_Reps, Lane provides a major step forward in developing a larger presence and delivering great content to all our supporters and the storefronts. The brands we represent see the value in our connection of digital marketing to sales. The support of Marketing Staff like Lane will become an increasingly important part of our business as he starts to build our library of assets.

I want to share my enthusiasm for bringing Lane Kilian on our team! There are very few people as diehard as Lane and myself; he routinely fishes 16 hour days. In the future we will continue to build this team of fishing crazed people and inspire those who are coming up in the industry. Welcome to the team Lane! We can’t wait to see you promoting Fishing_Reps and the brands that support our business.

Follow Lane on Instagram @lane.kilian.

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