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Established since 2021

Opsin stands out as a top-tier fluorocarbon leader line, setting the bar for quality and performance in the world of angling. Crafted in Japan using the meticulous slow extrusion method, Opsin 100% fluorocarbon lines boast exceptional invisibility, remarkable tensile strength, and one of the smallest diameters available. This deadly combination of features gives anglers a crucial edge when facing line-shy fish, leading to consistent success on the water.
Opsin’s commitment to excellence doesn’t end with its performance. Every inch of Opsin fluorocarbon leader line is carefully inspected, hand-spooled, and packaged in the United States, ensuring not only top-notch angling experiences but also supporting local jobs. Choose Opsin for the highest quality fluorocarbon leader line on the market today.

Opsin Fluorocarbon