Rail Rod


Taipan Rail Rod

Model ↓Length ↓Line Rating ↓Action ↓Price ↓
XXH7’6″50-100Fast Action499.99
XXXH7’6″80-130Fast Action499.99
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Taipan’s Rail Rod features tried and true high quality components; Fuji Guides, Alps Aluminum seat, rail rod material foregrip, and under wraps on each rod. The rod blank is thin and light with all the capability to handle true giants.

The BF76XXH is perfect for lighter applications like fly lining a sardine rated 50-100 lb.

The BF76XXXH is intended to be used for all big fish applications like kite fishing, and midnight jigging rated 60-130 lb.

Both rod’s intended use is for big tuna. Long range and local.

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