Saltwater Series


Taipan Saltwater Series

Model ↓Length ↓Line Rating ↓Action ↓Price ↓
Z 70L7′15-30Fast Action299.99
Z 70M7′20-40Fast Action299.99
Z 70MH7′20-50Fast Action299.99
Z 70H7′30-60Fast Action299.99
Z 76L7’6″15-30Fast Action309.99
Z 76M7’6″20-40Fast Action309.99
Z 76MH7’6″20-50Fast Action309.99
Z 76H7’6″30-60Fast Action309.99
Z 80L8′15-30Fast Action319.99
Z 80M8′20-40Fast Action319.99
Z 80MH8′20-50Fast Action319.99
Z 80H8′30-60Fast Action319.99
Z 86H8’6″30-60Fast Action389.99
Retail Prices

The Saltwater Series made by Taipan Rods feature the perfectly designed thin blank to keep the rod light and strong. The capability of the Taipan blank sets itself apart from all other options. Anglers will fish longer, stay in touch with their bait better, and pull on fish with a strong backbone. All rods are made with top shelf components and grip materials.