Joe Baggs Sandeel

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5/8 oz1 oz1_1/2 oz2 oz
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These Sandeels are a realistic vision of our favorite bait.  These can be fished from the back bays to the open ocean for the following fish stripers, fluke, seabass, bluefish, sea trout, redfish, snook, weakfish etc.

5/8 oz 4.5 inch with a 4/0 hook  (4 per pack)
1oz. 5.5 inch with a 6/0 hook  (3 per pack)
1.5 oz. are 6 inch with a short shank 8/0  (2 per pack)
2 oz are 6.5 inch with a short shank 8/0  (2 per pack)

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